Are you buying a new Kindle?

I’ve been looking at getting a Kindle with a built in light for a while, and now that Amazon have announced a new basic Kindle and made the Paperwhite available in white, I am very close to pressing the buy button. They don’t appear to have updated the Paperwhite in any other way, but I just think it looks so much better in white. I almost bought a Paperwhite last month, as they were on offer, but now I’m glad I held off. The dilemma I have now is, do I preorder one now and get it on release, or should I hold off and wait until they come on offer again. If I buy it now, I’ll be gutted if they’re reduced in a couple of months, but with them just being updated they might hold off putting them on offer for a while and I don’t know how long I can wait.


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