I’m back from a little break.

I haven’t posted anything in a while, as life seemed to take over. I didn’t seem to have any time to myself, and when I tried to sit down with a book something else always seemed to come up and take up all my time. I decided to put the brakes on everything, book myself a weeks holiday to chill out, and now hopefully I can get back to normal.

I forced myself to relax, went on some long walks, read a book, and got out of my slump. I wanted to get something posted to let you all know what was going on and that I hadn’t disappeared for good, and hopefully in the coming days I will get a review up of the book I read last week, post a book haul of my latest purchases, and get one of the tags done that I’m behind on.

I’ll try not to disappear again without any notice. We all need a little break sometimes to recharge and when you hit a slump I think the best thing you can do, if possible, is to drop everything, get away from it all, and just chill. I’ve missed being here, but hopefully now I’m back for good.



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