I’m Back

So, I’m finally back again after a long hiatus. I thought I’d sorted myself out after the last break, but life does seem to take over and I hit a huge slump and just lost all motivation. I tried picking up different books, but my mind was on other things and I just couldn’t seem to concentrate. I could see the words on the page, but they just weren’t sticking.

I feel awful about abandoning my blog for so long, but I’ve been back reading everyones posts over the last few weeks and feel I’m ready to get back into it. I recently went on a two week holiday to Gran Canaria and managed to get through 8 books while I was there, so I think we can say my slump is finally over.

I’m going to try and get reviews up for the books I read on holiday and get myself back into a routine of weekly posts. I’m currently reading Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, and enjoying it so far, so there will be a review of that going up as soon as I finish it. I hope everyone in the community is doing well and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me soon.



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