I Bought A White Paperwhite


I posted a few weeks ago that I wanted a new Kindle Paperwhite, as I wanted an ereader with a light, and I’m so glad I held off until Prime Day. I didn’t think the new white one would be on offer, as it had only just been released, but when I saw it was £30 off I couldn’t resist it. I know it might sound sad, but I waited up until midnight to see what came on offer and I’m glad I did, as there now seems to be a two month waiting list for the white Paperwhite. I’ve only had it a couple of days, but I love it. My previous ereader was a Nook Simple Touch, without the light. It only cost me £29 and I still use it, as I have a lot of books on it, but with the Nook store closing in the UK I needed to find another ereader. Having Amazon Prime I already have access to the Kindle Lending Library and Kindle First books, so the Paperwhite was the obvious choice.

I still love the feel of a real book, and love browsing bookstores for new finds, but I’m starting to run out of space and I don’t like getting rid of old books, so an ereader is at least a small part of the solution. I also read a lot more books on holiday, so it’s a lot easier to take an ereader with me than lug around half a dozen paperbacks.



9 thoughts on “I Bought A White Paperwhite

  1. I loved my Paperwhite! The screen got scratched though 😦 I now have the standard Kindle but really miss the Paperwhite, it definitely feels a lot better in your hands and it’s better functionality wise. Make sure you buy a screen protector or a cover.

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  2. I bought the regular 8th Generation Kindle on Prime Day, and I love it, as well. I use a clip-on book light to read in bed. I have had a Paperwhite before, but lost it, so I’m not spending that much again for awhile. I couldn’t pass up the deal for a new one, though, as when I lost my Paperwhite, I went back to my old Kindle Keyboard. 🙂

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    1. As the Paperwhite was £30 off on Prime Day I thought it was worth getting it then. I was a bit worried as I’d seen a few reviews where people said the light wasn’t even, but mine seems fine. I love how crisp the text is. It’s a big improvement over my old Nook. ☺

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      1. I had friends with my generation of Paperwhite who went through device after device trying to get one that had even light. We all had the first generation of them, and they had them when they were REALLY new. I’m glad yours is as it should be, and doesn’t need to be exchanged. They really are wonderful devices!

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